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There Are Hundreds of Web Design and Marketing Companies Out There… Do We Really Need Another?

Well in short, no… But we don’t need most of the ones that are currently out there…

We started Cubemar after investing in web design and marketing from other companies in our own businesses. We saw consistently poor results from several of these companies and decided to take matters into our own hands. After years of great results and business partners wanting us to design their sites and help with their marketing, Cubemar was born.

So What Makes Cubemar Different?

We don’t just focus on making you a website that looks good, or sending traffic to a website that won’t convert. We also understand how frustrating it can be when you’re paying to get a higher page rank on Google and seeing little out of your SEO investment. That’s why we provide you with monthly reports on every aspect of your web presence, including your page rank, what was changed, traffic produced, percent converted, where exactly they’re dropping off and much more.

The Bigger Picture and Why It Matters

A considerable part to whether you will be wildly successful or just scraping by is your ability to build authority for your brand. This requires you to first of all get out in front of your prospects – let your brand be seen. Then you must look at every interaction the customer has with your brand and fine tune them not only to be a pleasant experience, but one that leaves them with your brand resonating in their mind for any future needs. You won’t find another company who understands the power of authority and branding like we do or how to implement them into your business.


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