The dire importance of your brand and what it means to your business…

What authority means to your brand…

Nobody wants to appear as an amateur when trying to convince a prospective client to do business with them. Most people understand they should present themselves as an expert in their field… But few understand how to position themselves as the authority. Establishing yourself as the authority not only increases your brand recognition, but it also expands your credibility past what most could hope to achieve.

Why building authority is essential to your business…

There are four stages to your brand: brand deterrence, brand recognition, brand preference, brand insistence. Brand deterrence doesn’t occur in every type of business, but negatively affects how your prospect views your business. Jumping up to preference, they would rather do business with you than any of your competitors. Finally, brand insistence: they refuse to do business with anyone other than you. Establishing authority throughout your online presence greatly influences how your brand is perceived, and in turn boosts your conversion and referrals.

What is your brand lacking?

With our Brand Consulting, we first compose a comprehensive review of your current brand. We then create a plan to improve upon your brand based on the personas of your prospective clients. Together, we tie this into every aspect of your business to complete the transformation. This might include a new website, new logo, new business cards, branded stationery, or new copy written to position you as the authority.

How Can Your Brand be Improved?

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A powerful brand starts with a distinct logo.

Think of the most recognizable brands you know. Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola… Their exact logos come to mind without a moment’s hesitation. You want your brand to be easily recognizable and completely unique. It starts with a distinct logo.

REQUIRED: Every interaction MUST be branded.

From your prospect's very first visit to your site, your first email response, all the way to the pens you use to sign the final contract (if applicable)... EVERYTHING needs to be branded with your distinct logo. It’s also a great idea to send them home with something branded with your logo. When they see it again months from now, they will think of your business and you’ll be their preferred brand when they have another problem they need solved.


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