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The Key Elements to a Converting Website

Your website is oftentimes your first impression to prospective customers. It is essential that you cleanly present your brand with compelling content that drives the prospect to take action. That means a modern design (based on your unique business), professional copy, and elegant graphics and media, all hosted on a fast, secure server. Missing just one of these could cost you dearly.

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Demolish your competitors on the first impression.

The design of your website says a lot about your business. If it’s just thrown together, your customers will notice, greatly diminishing conversions. They also notice when your website has a clean, modern design that precisely presents your brand exactly how you want to be portrayed: the authority in your industry. In order to achieve this though, a lot more goes into the design than most web “designers” even understand!

Make online sales easy and secure.

Proper E-Commerce implementation is more than just adding the ability to buy your products online. A successful E-Commerce site combines an intuitive design, an easy ordering process, and the guaranteed security of the customer’s information. Take for instance Amazon and their impressively easy “Buy now with 1-Click” system. That’s where you want to be. We can help you get there.

Compelling content converts.

The design of your website and how your content is laid out plays a major role in how it is received. But the bottom line is… If your copy doesn’t convincingly show the value of your product, your profits will reflect just that. With professional copy, you can also build your credibility, boost customer engagement, and position yourself as the authority in your niche.

Amateur graphics stick out like a sore thumb.

We’ve all seen it before… The green entrepreneur who has a great idea, good content, a decent website, and their downfall: graphics that look like they got in a fight with Microsoft Paint and lost. Sadly, all their credibility is lost as well, along with the sale. Graphics not only help break up the website for aesthetic appeal, but can also greatly benefit your credibility when done properly.

One, Two… Gone.

Choosing who you have host your website might seem like a trivial decision, but the cheapest route could cost you far more than you save! You can lose upwards of 20% of your traffic if your website takes more than two seconds to load. That’s like slamming the door on every 5th person that walks up to your store. Additionally, 70% of customers who place orders online might also turn away if you don’t prove to them their information is secure.


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