From boosting organic searches to pay-per-click advertising, and then some…

Driving traffic is a concerted effort.

While it’s absolutely true that some strategies are better for certain businesses than others, many of the different strategies go hand-in-hand and even amplify each other. Getting the massive organic traffic from a spot on the first page of Google is obviously ideal, but you will be hard pressed to achieve that without touching Facebook or Twitter... Not to mention all the great opportunities you would pass up to connect with your current and prospective clients!

Begin with the End in Mind

The best strategy to start with and your final marketing destination aren’t always the same. We’re here to help you plan the route.

How to get to the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) definitely still has its place in getting your site to rank high on Google, but thanks to some recent changes, isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be. Keywords, link building, website formatting… They all still have an impact, but Google continues to make changes that focus on the quality of your content which now ultimately determines where you rank.

So what’s the best way to boost your rank if the content is there? More marketing!

Profit from your Facebook fan page.

Coming out with a highly anticipated new product? Your current clients are sure to Like it, and maybe even Share it with their friends. Building a solid following on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even YouTube can be the difference between a radically successful product launch and a complete failure. On top of the added traffic from Social Media Marketing, Google also sees this as a major plus that people are leaving these sites for your content.

Content is King!

From SEO to Social Media Marketing, having good content that leaves your customers dying for more is mandatory. Depending on your niche, Content Marketing (the creation of fresh, engaging content) can infinitely multiply your current customer base, and more importantly your sales. One of the best ways to deliver this fresh content is by developing a list of all of your current and prospective customers.

Maximize your pay-per-click returns.

With most pay-per-click campaigns including Google Adwords and Facebook’s Ad Set, you largely rely upon precise targeting and compelling copy to get your ad read and make the sale. Adding list building to your sales funnel will dramatically increase your conversions, as long as you follow up with a strong campaign… But email is a whole lot cheaper than pay-per-click!

Transform your list into buyers.

Now that you have built a list of customers who have either already done business with you or were at least interested in the content that you have to offer, it’s time to convert them into more business. What’s the best way to do that? Develop a precise Email Marketing campaign that piques their interest and leaves them begging you to take their money.


No matter your niche, the traffic is out there. You just need to put up your “Exit Here” sign. We’re here to help you plan the route.

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